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TDC Cutting Tools Inc.


   TDC Cutting Tools Inc., founded in 1995, is the backbone of TE Group. After two decades of rapid development and multiple mergers and acquisitions, TDC is now the global leader in high-speed steel cutting tool industry, owning many world famous brands and patent technologies with the largest global market share.

   TDC is specialized in industrial-grade precision cutting tools manufacturing and design, products includes highspeed steel drills, end mills, tabs, and other customized industrial cutting tools. With production facilities in China, US, Germany, Mexico, and Canada, TDC has built a global manufacturing and distribution network covering most countries and districts in the world.

   Currently, every one out of five industrial grade high-speed steel drills produced in the world is made by TDC. With annual production of 300 million pieces of cutting  tools and 10 million meters of bi-metalsaws, TDC products per year can easily circle the global if lined up piece by piece.     

Website: http://www.tdc-tools.com

Address: 1 Liangjin Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, China