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TDC Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.


 TDC Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.(TDC Precision for short), founded in 2014, is an expertized tool brand operator under TE Group. By integrating TE’s global resources, TDC Precision Tools provides one-stop customized tool solutions to high-end clients around the world with superior quality and latest technology. 

   At present, TDC Precision Tools’ brand selection includes Werkö, WIDIA, Manigley, Cleveland, and Basset, and product collection covers carbide drills, end mills, inserts, taps, rasps, and other customized cutting tools. Relying on TE’s advantages on both localization and globalization, TDC Precision Tools is your most trustworthy tool expert for your one-stop cutting tool solutions.   

Website: http://www.tp-tools.cn

Address: 218 Zhenxing Road, Dalian, China