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Dalian Vacuum Technologies Inc.


   Dalian Vacuum Technologies Inc., formerly names Dalian Top-Eastern Vacuum Technologies Co., Ltd, is a proud member of Top-Eastern Group founded in 2003. With ISO 9001 certified quality management system, we are specialized in vacuum plasma coating equipment manufacturing, thin film and plasma technology development, and coating services. Supported by our own patented technologies and state of the art laboratory, we are able to provide one stop coating solutions to clients in various industries, such as surface treatment for industrial grade tools and mechanical parts, high-end decorative coating, luminous coating for LED, and heat collection coating for solar panels. As an industrial leader in coating technologies, Dalian Vacuum Technologies Inc is providing the best products and services to clients using the latest developed technologies from our own R&D center and partner material science laboratories.


Website: http://www.dltvt.com

Address: 200 Zhenxing Road, Dalian, China